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Bird Rock


Bird Rock

Bird Rock.

The walk to the top of Bird Rock is quite steep but short. There are great views over the Dysynni estuary and Cader Idris. Care should be taken at the top to stay close to the summit as the cliffs are precipitous. The route to the top is along the comparatively gradual slope of the hill, and not near the cliffs. But it is important not to wander off the track.



View to Cader from Bird Rock

View towards Cader - shrouded in cloud.

Go over the stile and follow the path which very soon joins a track made by farm vehicles. Follow this track for about half a mile uphill. Do not worry if you think it is going in the wrong direction. Then about 50 yards in front you will see a gate across the track and a grassy path veers off to the right. Take the grassy path and follow this right to the top. There is a bench just over half way to the top from this point where you can take a rest. The path past the bench avoids a little hill.