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Cregennan climb


Lake with Tyrrau Mawr

General view of Cregennan with Tyrrau Mawr in the background.

The Cregennan lakes are one of the most beautiful sites in the area. The National trust have a collection box and ask you to make a donation. It is very reasonable to do so.

The hill adjacent to the lakes gives a short climb with stupendous views over the Cader range and down into the Mawddach estuary.

Opposite the lakes are the great cliffs of Tyrrau Mawr the ridge of which leads on eastwards to Cader.

Cregennan lake and the hill

The path takes you to the top of the hill.

From the car park go back up the road for a short distance to the top of a rise. There is a public footpath sign to the right. Follow this path to the top of the hill following the path marked in green on the map. There is one short section which requires a bit of a scramble which makes it unsuitable for children, but may be by-passed as shown on the next page.