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Cader Idris via the Pony Track


View over the Mawddach from Cader summit

The Mawddach estuary from the summit of Cader Idris.

This is the easier of the two climbs of Cader listed on this site. It does have a number of steepish sections some of which have rock steps to help. There are sections of scree but these are generally not uncomfortably steep. The views are magnificent on a fine day and the experience of climbing the highest peak in this area is very rewarding. Choose a fine day with a good forecast.

A met office weather forecast can be obtained at: Click on UK under weather, then Forecast, then Mountain area forecast, then click on Snowdonia on the map. (The met office cannot be guaranteed not to change the url of the final page!)

The path starts at a car park (£4 all day, but you need this in coins for the machine).

There are toilets at the car park.