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Map of the area

It is easy to drive the five miles demanded, find nothing, and some miles further meet a signpost telling you to go back the way you came. The logical conclusion is that Aber-Geirw does not exist and is a joke of some planning officer in charge of the local road signs.

It does exist and the (possibly) six local inhabitants would probably be very offended by any other view. It seems that Aber-Geirw has two or three houses, a bridge over the Mawddach (Pont Aber-Geirw) and a chapel. We know it has a chapel because there is a parking place where you cannot park unless you are going to the chapel. The sign says so. Look hard and you can see a building that might be chapel, and may be this is the meeting place for those who live scattered over these very sparsely populated hills.

Start at Dolgellau centre and leave over the Mawddach bridge. Take the road right at the far end of the bridge towards Bala. The road is coloured red on the map. After just passing EuroSpar take the left fork signposted to Llanfachreth.

Stay on this narrow(ish) road for about 2 miles, following signs to Llanfachreth until you come to a junction with Lanfachreth straight on and Hermon to the left.