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Telephone box at Hermon.

At this junction you will pass the Precipice Walk car park (free, with toilets) on the left. Continue on the road marked red to Hermon (single track with random passing places) and on to Aber-Geirw.

A reason for searching for Aber-Geirw is that these narrow roads pass through some wonderful and remote scenery. Aber-Geirw was, in fact, the last village in Wales to be connected to the National Grid.

Continue through Aber-Geirw till you get to the main road and return along this to Dolgellau. This road passes the Forestry Commission centre at Coed-y-Brenin which is well worth a visit.

Chapel no parking sign

The Chapel notice at Aber-Geirw.

Pont Aber-geirw

Pont Aber-Geirw.