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Arthog Falls ...

Map showing routesIn the seasons when there is a lot of rain, the falls above Arthog are every bit as good as those at Dolgoch. A worthwhile walk takes you from a small car park by site of the old Arthog station (on the Mawddach Estuary walk) up past the falls, and then crossing a stone bridge, up over to Cregennan Lake (Route A). The return route is down the minor road between the Lake and Arthog.

There are slightly shorter walks, returning to the road a little below Cregennan (Route B), or slightly shorter still (Route C), taking a track through a farm back to a lower point on the road.

From the car park walk back along the road a short distance to a stile on your left. Cross here and follow the path to the church. Cross the A493 to the clearly marked path with steps rising above the stream on your left.