New Precipice Walk - How to get there

Map of New Precipice Walk

When you get to the main road the other side of the toll, continue straight across up a narrow single track steep road through a village. After just under half a mile notice a chapel on the right. After a further 100-200 metres there is a right turn. Take this. Almost immediately you come to a gate with a cattle grid to the left that you can drive over.

You have gone wrong if this is not the case!

Stay on this narrow road. Notice where there are passing places in case you meet something coming the other way and need to reverse.

At one point there is a right fork, but you will probably take this anyway as the road straight ahead is even more uninviting than the road you are on.

About a mile from the cattle grid (having gone through two further gates) you come to the start of the walk near an occupied house. There is small amount of parking, but if full there are a number of flat grass areas adjacent to the road just back down the road you have come.