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Precipice Walk

View northwards from near the start

View over towards Llanfachreth.

Most of the walk is along a contour line on a steep slope, hence the name. The path is quite safe provided care is taken. Children need to be able to do as they are told! There are some rough paths and mud in wet weather.

Leave at the high end of the car park and bear immediately right onto the path through woods. (You can also go out of the bottom of the car park and after a few yards on the Hermon road turn left into the woods – signposted).

A typical section of path

A typical section of path.

The path is well marked past a farmhouse to the point where the path splits. There is a signpost pointing left towards the lake or to the right up to the main path. It is better to go right (ending with the lake).

After turning right follow a wall and gradually the vista opens up with views down to Llanfachreth and beyond. A little further and you can look towards Trawsfynedd. On a clear day Snowdon is visible. From part of the path you can see the (non-operational) nuclear power station at Trawsfynedd.