Torrent Walk

View up the stream from the bottom

As you take the footpath marked at the lay-by down into the woods you will soon hear the water and the river will come into sight after a short distance. The path is clearly marked, and mostly very easy. There are steps down in the steeper bits.

There are cottages at the bottom and a bridge with a nice view up the stream.

The return path is very similar up the other side, with steps on all of the steeper bits. The route is extremely pretty through the gorge, and there is a seat half way up.

The path returns very near to the lay-by.

Cader Idris seen from the path

View back over to Cader in Winter.

Walk towards the village until you come to St Mark's church. This is a very interesting church from the late nineteenth century Arts & Crafts movement.

In the summer, tea is sometimes available from a cottage in the lane opposite the church. From this path there are also views across the valley to Cader.